Roberto Rosetti


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07 Jun 2008

19:00 BST


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04 Jun 2008 - 22:21 BSTWhistler

Ref:Rosetti (ITA) Assistants: Griselli, Calcagno (ITA) 4th Official; Lannoy (FRA)

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05 Jun 2008 - 22:22 BSTRateTheRef Admin

So... The tallest ref from the last World Cup gets to do the opener. Opening games are usually tame affairs when it comes to bookings etc (prbably because all eyes are on the ref to set the standard) Euro 2004 only had 2 bookings. Rosetti is generally speaking a level headed ref. So onto our predictions... We reckon a 2-1 victory to the Czechs (1 vs 2) and Rosetti to have a good game with 4 yellows and an average rating of 4/5. What do you think?

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08 Jun 2008 - 10:21 BSTRateTheRef Admin

0 vs 1 to the Czech Republic. We were right with the tame affair, however we didn't get the stats right. Actual Yellow Cards: 3 Rating at time of writing: 3

Te Mana

09 Jun 2008 - 03:32 BSTTe Mana

Roberto Rosetti's performance was spot on. He stayed out of the way of the players but his presence was always felt. He was always where he needed to be to spot the foul...or the non-foul. He only whistled when he absolutely needed to and allowed the players to keep playing. The two yellow cards he gave were justified. Much has been said about him not giving two penalty kicks to Switzerland for hand balls. I think that he must have judged that the two incidents were more accidental "ball to hand" contacts rather than the player purposely playing the ball. This shows that Rosetti is not afraid to make a tough and courageous decision, given that Switzerland, one of the tournament organizers, was down 0-1 and about to lose the game. If Rosetti stays consistent, I can see him at the center for the final, if Italy is not in it.

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