Roberto Rosetti


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14 Jun 2008

19:45 BST


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13 Jun 2008 - 19:28 BSTWhistler

Referee: Alessandro (ITA); Assistants:Paolo Calcagno (ITA) 4th Official:Olegario Manuel Bartola F. Benquerenca

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14 Jun 2008 - 22:19 BSTArnIIe

I thought Rosetti looked pretty tired in this game. It was end to end at the later stages of the game - but he wasn't keeping up with the pace well enough. I'd hate to see him have to officiate a Netherlands game. He should be fit enough to keep close, at points in the game he was walking and miles away from the action. Overall though he wasn't the worst I have seen (in terms of cards etc). I'd say a 2/3 would be about right... a must do better.

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15 Jun 2008 - 00:01 BSTWhistler

I kind of agree, but I thought it was his positioning rather than his fitness, although your right that at times he seemed to struggle to keep up. I think he ran the diagional without wanting to deviate too much off that line, which is OK when the pace is slow, but of no use in a game at this level. My real problem was with the linesman recieving the Greek forwards in the second half, I believe he was too quick with the flag on several occassions.

Te Mana

15 Jun 2008 - 11:47 BSTTe Mana

This was not the same Roberto Rosetti who had been excellent in the opening match of the tournament. He often seemed very far from the action, sometimes about 30 meters. He allowed too many offenses to go unpunished and, when he did whistle, seemed inconsistent, sanctionning smaller offenses and disregarding what seemed to me to be serious offenses. After the goal, the game picked up in intensity and there were a few yellow card offenses until half-time but he only gave one yellow, to Karagounis. Mind you, it was a valid yellow card but how about a card for Semak for a much more dangerous tackle on a Greek player a minute prior? I thought Rosetti was too lenient towards the Russian players. Hard offside call by the Assistant Referee on the action leading to the goal that would have been the greek equalizer. From the camera angle, the Greek player seemed on-side to me. In my opinion, Rosetti did not have a good game last night. I gave him two stars for this game.

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