Yuichi Nishimura


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Number of votes: 59

02 Jul 2010

15:00 BST


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01 Jul 2010 - 16:45 BSTrrjones

Referee for this match is Yuichi Nishimura.

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02 Jul 2010 - 17:18 BSTgffawkes

Very fussy and precise, except when he pulled the red instead of the yellow on the Dutch player! Seemed to be a factor in reducing the effectiveness of the Brazilian flow of attack. Apparent good communications with the ARs in getting Melo's well camouflaged studding. Below average performance, game probably somewhat over his head.

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02 Jul 2010 - 17:45 BSTVeronica

Seemed to be favoring Holland by allowing a lot of fouls and dives by the Holland players. Robben should have gotten a second yellow card.

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02 Jul 2010 - 18:05 BSTWhistler

I think this game was too big for Yuichi. Often out of position he seemed very hesitant on several occassions and like many other Refs in this competition, he seemed to be fairly easily conned and could have done with more support from his assistants. It would be interesting to read the 4th officials report - Khalil Al Ghamdi

Te Mana

02 Jul 2010 - 18:59 BSTTe Mana

Applied himself, made efforts to control the game and calm players down. Tried to make the cards he was giving count and tried to keep the number of cards down. Unfortunately, he did not give cards for fouls that, in my opinion, warranted at least a Yellow. How could he not give a card to Van Bommel for repeated violations of the Laws of the Game? And Robben for excessive simulations...? Three stars. I think this is as far as this Referee will go at the center. We might see him as a fourth Official, on the third place match, for example.

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05 Jul 2010 - 14:19 BSTmarcus

Best referee so far. Did't let the game run from him even after brazilians lost their heads.

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